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SINCE 1968


Açık Tarlalarda Koyun

Our latest collection, Givolli, showcases carefully chosen attributes of wool blends. This exclusive line combines natural fibers with high-end design elements. Givolli emphasizes a luxurious yet casual aesthetic, and to achieve maximum comfort, significant technological advancements have been implemented. These approaches enhance the fabric's flexibility and softness, ensuring an exceptional wearing experience.

Cutting Fabric


A man's signature suit serves as his personal statement, accompanying him through various daily activities such as meetings, commuting on the metro, or having lunch at a nearby restaurant. The classic elegance of a refined gentleman always originates from a carefully crafted wardrobe of essential pieces.



Since 1968, Civteks has played an integral role in numerous collections for esteemed brands worldwide, thanks to your collaboration. Recognizing that fibers are the fundamental basis for high-quality fabric, we firmly believe that the fabric itself is the essence of a successful collection. We take pride in being a prominent company in this industry and feel privileged to expand our network with each passing day.

Tekstil endüstrisi


Civelekler Textile has been dedicated to its mission of producing trendy and high-quality fabrics since its establishment. Over the years, it has successfully evolved into one of the leading textile companies in Turkey, while continuously strengthening its relationships with customers around the globe.

Our remarkable journey started back in 1968, and since then, we have made significant strides in the textile industry. Today, we proudly operate from our state-of-the-art factory located in Hadımköy, Istanbul. This modern facility not only accommodates our expanding team but also enables us to leverage advanced technologies and machinery to enhance our production processes.

Civelekler Textile is driven by a passion for textile excellence and a vision to make a lasting impact in the industry. With every fabric we produce, we aim to contribute to the success and distinction of collections worldwide, solidifying our position as a trusted and preferred textile partner. As we grow and expand our global presence, we remain firmly committed to fostering strong relationships with our customers. We believe in the power of collaboration and actively engage with our clients to understand their specific requirements and provide tailored solutions.

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